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How to Reduce Hosting and Development Costs for Digital Products?

One of the most critical aspects of a digital product is sustainability. To achieve sustainability, the product needs to achieve what’s called “Product Market Fit.” However, achieving sustainability in some products comes with certain costs.

For instance, a blogging system requires a long time to reach Product Market Fit. Therefore, electronic blogs need a considerable amount of time to generate specific revenues from advertisements.

Among our success stories is the “Ask Mechanic” website, launched in 2020. We revamped the site in 2023, and the results were astounding.

As you can see, the site garnered half a million interactions in the last three months without incurring any costs. The surprise is that the site is now approaching 200,000 visits and 7,000 clicks per month, all for free, without paying for hosting or any type of advertisements.

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