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Technical Consultations or Than Product Development?!?

What Makes Technical Consultations One of the Most Challenging Tasks at Present?

Technical consultations are among the most challenging tasks at present, especially in the rapidly evolving world of technology. Building applications has become essential, particularly with the remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence. Building these applications might seem relatively easy, but the real challenge lies not only in constructing them but in making them successful and effective in achieving the desired goals.

It’s no longer just about creating a product; it’s about designing solutions that meet users’ needs and effectively solve their problems while aligning with business objectives. This approach requires a comprehensive understanding of user needs, market dynamics, and the suitable utilization of advanced technologies.

In this context, our test case in 2018 with in Jordan highlighted the website’s lack of engagement due to the ineffective and slow WordPress and WooCommerce system usage.

Through meticulous consulting strategies, we identified weaknesses and held three meetings with the company’s CEO to gain a better understanding of the development process. These efforts resulted in essential components integrated into the website:

  1. WhatsApp Service Request: A button that directly leads users to WhatsApp chat for instant customer assistance.
  2. Ad Campaign Monitoring Tool: Enables stores to track their advertising campaigns via WhatsApp and phone, contributing to cost savings and increased customer numbers.
  3. Smart Automated WhatsApp Response System: Allows immediate responses to inquiries without additional fees to other companies.
  4. Website Restructuring and SEO Enhancement: Design and technical modifications to improve the website's visibility in search engines.
    Product Page Products Page
    Thanks to these adjustments, the improved version of the store was launched within just three months, witnessing a significant threefold increase in sales in the first month without increasing the advertising budget.

If you wish to achieve similar success for your business, don’t hesitate to book your first consultation with us now! We are here to help you achieve your technological and business goals.

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